Monday, 24 June 2013

Making The Most Out Of Your Internship

So you know what you want to do after you graduate? Great, but you have no experience, so the best way to get this is through internships. With the financial climate the way it is in this country chances are we'll all have to volunteer or intern at one point, for zero pay but the experience is worth so much more. I’ve interned and volunteered in a variety of roles within media and PR and here are some things I’ve learnt
Be Professional
This might sound obvious to most of you but seriously, first impressions count. Be on time, be reliable, be prepared to do more than your job role. And most importantly leave your personal life at the door and pick it up on the way out. If ou don't own business wear, buy some.

You are not above making tea
You’re there to make a positive impression, if you’re asked to make a cup of tea by your boss do it, if you’re not offer. Same goes for cake run, answering phones and entertaining the bosses little darling when they’re in the office
However you’re not below the real stuff
If you’re asked to do a big job do it well, dont do it half heartedly because they’re not paying you. Take opportunities and use your initiative go above and beyond.

Be polite to everyone you meet
you never know who may be looking for a new member of staff, its also useful to make a few allies along the way because in this business it is massively about who you know.
Dont let journalists/ PR’s walk all over you
On my side of the fence the worst thing is talking to stuck up journalists, but I imagine the worst thing for journalists is talking to pushy PR’s. Create positive relationships so you have a contact you can get in touch with at major publications/ PR houses etc. Sometimes they can be just plain rude, but hold your own. 
Always be on the look out for opportunities
If you see an intern opportunity on twitter apply for it, ask if there are any opportunities at where you currently intern. If you have a client who are looking for in house or press officer apply. 
Be wise with your money
You’re not earning so be frugle, dont buy too much coffee on a morning have a packed lunch, buy office wear in sales.

Good luck in your internships!

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  1. The main thing I would say is to remember that they might offer you a paid position later, or recommend you if they hear of positions... so always be as professional, courteous and enthusiastic as you can.

    This is a great post :)


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