Sunday, 7 July 2013

How to work with PRs

Bloggers have in recent years, became one of the best ways to promote a product- its the ultimate word of mouth. As there are approximately 200 million of us PRs and companies have found that we're an easy cost effect way to sell a product. With this in mind a few of my newer blogger friends have been asking me recently how to work with PRs and the sort of questions to ask. So I've put together this little guide.

More often than not a PR company will contact you via email, they've seen your blog, they may offer you a product to review, ask you to host a giveaway,want you to write about their product or even supply you content. With all of this research the brand, be polite and professional
To make your relationship with PR smoother here are few tips:
-Beware of emails starting with "Dear blogger" or "dear site owner", (these are usually pretty vague about your blog too) this is a clear sign that they've probably contacted around 50+ bloggers.

-NEVER work for free, if they want you to review a product they should give you the product. If they want you to write an editorial about them or post their content they should pay you. You wouldn't walk in a shop grab as many clothes as you could and walk out

-Use good email etiquette, you write a blog so don't usegood grammar without slang or numbers and letters (2 meaning two and U for you) unless you know the person very well.

-Know your blogging figures and readership, the best way to do this is through blog stats, analytics and how many people subscribe to your blog and on Bloglovin.

-You are not obligated to write good things about your product, freedom of press applies to bloggers as well as journalists.

-Research the company or PR client, find out what they sell, their customer demographic and how they have worked with bloggers before.

-Take chances, if a PR or company ask for bloggers on twitter or facebook dont be shy.

-Most importantly though, do whats right for you. Yes its nice to make money doing what you love but be honest to your readers and yourself. Do you really love that flat skater shoes when you're known for living in stilletos?

I hope this helps people, if you have any tips please feel free to comment


  1. Thanks for sharing this stuff! My twin sister gets much PR offers but I don't so it's pretty sad!
    Got you from #lbloggers :)
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  2. Your final question reminds me a lot of a blogger I honestly consider to be a sell-out to PRs, which made me really sad.

    I think all of these things are very right: you must retain integrity and professionalism as both a blogger or a PR, when dealing with the other.

    Just because we're bloggers doesn't mean we're an easy sell or a free advert - but nor does it mean that we're not worth a PR company's time at all.

  3. This has been so helpful, i've one question though. Payment, youre saying bloggers shouldn't work for free but whats the "right" payment you should be working for?

    1. As far as payment goes It depends on what they want you to do, for a feature id say £100 for advertising about 20- 25 a month with 4-5 spaces available.

  4. Really helpful tips, I am a fairly new blogger so working with PRs hasn't even crossed my mind, I'm still try to get my content right! But I have already received a few 'Dear Blogger' emails...they went straight in the bin! I'll bookmark this post for sure :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers


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