Monday, 12 August 2013

Hidden Gems- North East Art Collective

Image from their website

Strolling around Eldon Gardens on Friday myself and Az stumbled upon a seemingly little gallery. what we didn't know was that this was North East Arts Collective;  a ten roomed TARDIS like gallery made up of over a hundred artists.

The gallery holds watercolours, wooden sculpture, photography, ceramics, furniture and more of over a 1000 pieces all from North East artists, because its what we need.

Wandering through we were absolutely lost in colour, history and just this intense sense that we could be looking at the next great artists from the north east. Chatting to the owner John Thompson he told us that only about 1% of geordies know that the gallery exists and that they only use the best artists, as he puts it "the modern art can stay in the baltic!"

There were so many great pieces so here are just some of my favourites

Can you believe that these are paintings?! Kevin McNicholas is an avid Formula 1 fan so paints these beautiful cars with acrylic on canvas.

I adore classic rocking horses and Drew Henderson makes an extensive collection of them. He also does a variety of things with wood, such as clocks, tables, wine holders and trunks. Az really liked the clocks like the one above.

How charming is Geordie Audrey? Her dress and gloves are all made from maps of Newcastle and the surrounding areas while the print is the classic Breakfast at Tiffany's poster.

I go to Eldon Square quite regularly but I often forget about Eldon Gardens, but there are so many excellent places. Definitely visit the North East Art Collective while you're there.

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  1. What a treat! I love the second painting of the lady - do you know what it is/who it is by?


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