Saturday, 3 August 2013

Positivity not silence

Twitter has been a scary place this last fortnight; feminists hating each other, men hating women, women hating men and the down right disgusting rape and death threats directed towards ladies simply because they took a stand for something she believed in. Whether you agreed with what Caroline Criado Perez and Stella Creasy do is irrelevant, the fact is women never deserve rape threats and these things should never be considered a harmless joke.

With this in mind, Caitlin Moran et al (who I agree with on a lot of subjects) have decided to stage a twitter boycott for 24 hours starting at midnight tonight #twittersilence. This means all the lovely polite and friendly folk wont tweet leaving it to the horrible types.

I have to say though, I don't agree with that, isn't that what they want? To upset people  so much that they'll leave? I don't want to be driven from somewhere I can connect with people from all over the world because of some disgusting cretin. So instead of silence I will be spreading the positivity, happiness, freedom of speech and the niceness that Twitter was made for! Tomorrow is also friendship day so this fits just as much as twitter silence.

I'm a naturally positive person ysee, I believe in seeing the best in people and if you work hard then what you desire will come to you. I've been burnt because of this attitude but I wont stop. I believe that positivity is bigger than silence. Showing people that we will not be brought down or silenced by their disgusting attitudes.

I will not make anyone choose, if you wish to be silent thats excellent. And if you want to spread the love thats great too

Whilst I do not agree with twitter silence I will not badmouth it, a peaceful protest is better than hatred and violence. I wish Caitlin Moran and everyone involved the best of luck

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