Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Ladies Survey 2013

Women in business is something very close to my heart, having been in business, volunteering and education with all genders I know that it is very different for women as opposed to their male counterparts. I found this survey by the wonderful Rosianna the very same day that I had chosen to do a study on women in business for a uni module.

1. Do you agree that the internet is a harder space for women? Why? Is it helpful or harmful to acknowledge that ('that' being whatever your opinion is on the topic)?

Definitely, not only do we get judged on our content but we also get judged on our appearance. Sometimes our content doesn't even matter, if people don't like us it comes down to how we look and whether we're deemed sexually attractive. For example Caroline Perez who was threatened with rape for changing the ten pound notes!  

2. What is the most helpful book/article you've read/film you've watched/video you've seen this year about womanhood?

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook has completely changed the way I think about women in business this year. She talks a lot about how we act very differently to men. It created a whole chain of events such as the Lean In network.

3. Do you think a focus on supportive networks of women online, whether formally through things like Wonderly or informally is beneficial or hurts "the cause"

They're very beneficial. I'm part of the Inspire Network which is exclusively for women in the North East and means we can do business confidently in our own space. I also love specific blogging hours on twitter such as #lbloggers#fblchat and #psbloggers which although they aren't exclusively female, are such great places to chat to and meet wonderfully inspiring women. I'd say that off the internet I don't have this but I don't need an exclusively female network as all my friends of all genders are ridiculously supportive.

4. What have you done to support female content creators in the past year? Are things better now than they were then? What do you pledge to do this coming year?

I found this question really tough because I never separate creators like "this is by a man, I can't watch this today" and "this is by a woman, I have to read/watch/support this because they also have a vagina". I found a great quote by Sheryl Sandberg yesterday on this 

I instead prefer it when things show women in the same sense as men, as competent and capable women. This is why I love The Newsroom, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Leverage, yes they are all written by men but the women characters are complex, smart and not perfect. I connect a lot with Mackenzie McHale from The Newsroom (written by Aaron Sorkin) as she is ditzy but very smart, the woman went to Cambridge but still has to challenge stereotypes. 

In the Lizzie Bennet Diaries (a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice) the female characters make mistakes but get through them. Lizzie is studying for her university degree and refuses to work for her boyfriends company although it would be the easy option. Jane has a successful career in fashion and when she reconciles with Bing Lee, insists that if he moves to New York with her its not just for her. Lydia is the troubled youngest sister who is drunk a lot of the time, but is shaken when Whickham threatens to post a sex tape of the two, she rebuilds her life slowly but surely. Again the youtube series was written by men but has excellent writing of men and the wonderful actresses Ashley Clements, Mary Kate Wiles and Laura Spencer (Lizzie, Jane and Lydia) are amazingly talented.

I think things are slowly getting better but they won't be completely better until as Sheryl said its a writer, not a female writer. In the next year I pledge to spread more positivity and research more about women in business to help be the change.

5. Your favourite five internet females.
  1. Laci green talks frankly and honestly about sex and life.
  2. Gala Darling, the creator of The Radical Self Love Project.
  3. Sera McDaid writes about fashion and mental health beautifully.
  4. Mooky Chick is an alt magazine for girls.
  5. A Beautiful Mess is just the cutest blog ever but still manages to be professional
If you wish to take part in the survey be it through video blog or twitter you can use the hashtag #ladiessurvey to connect with others.

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