Sunday, 22 December 2013

Staying Sane at Christmas

Ahh the family Christmas is upon us, and while I love my family I'm sure nobody is looking forward to spending up to two weeks with those who spawned us. With that in mind I wanted to give you all some tips I've learnt over the years.

Disclaimer: If any of my family are reading this I love you all very much!

Smile and wave boys, smile and wave
"No partner" "Still ay uni?" "no job?" I know its very easy to snap at well meaning relatives constant questions about your life, but never rise to it. The standard answer is "yes but I'm happy as I am" it'll make them a bit misty eyed of your youth or at the least stop them asking questions. Any subsequent jibes should be greeted with a smile (whether its slightly threatening is your choice)

Have a nap
I love nothing more than a Christmas day nap, not only does it mean I get a bit of time to myself but it also means I can rest before festivities start again. Everyone knows that everything is better after a nap, and after all the wine on the morning I'm more than a bit sleepy!

Wine is your friend
This holiday is a perfect excuse to get drunk, Grandparents house on Christmas morning- wine. Christmas Dinner with parents- wine. Christmas evening with sister- wine. Morning of shopping on Boxing day- wine. Everyone's a winner.

Hold your drink
I know the last one was making the season a drinkathon but remember that your family will remember if you're the one that ruins the day by spewing all over a garden or telling a family member what you really think of them. Alternate with soft drinks and food.

Stay in touch with uni/ real life friends
Remember you're not the only one who is with family and possibly tearing their hair out, talk to friends as often as you can and maybe even skype when it gets too much. A simple little text or snapchat can make someones day.

Think of the children 
Kids are lovely at Christmas but they need to be taken care of. Give them something to do before dinner so they're not running around, let them take new toys to relatives houses and for gods sake remember your language!

I wish you all a wonderful happy Christmas, but for those who seriously need help or someone to talk to at Christmas time you can call:

The Samaritans 24 hours a day on 
  • 08457 90 90 90 (UK)
  • 1850 60 90 90 (ROI)


  1. Bwahahaha, this made me laugh so much. Especially the bit about threatening smiles! I will be having naps, lots of naps. x x


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