Saturday, 15 March 2014

Imposter Syndrome and Getting past it

I love starting new projects and getting myself out there but unfortunately my anxiety doesn't like it so much. I get whats known as 'Imposter Syndrome' where I feel that I'm not good enough for the job and think its only a matter of time before everyone else realises that too. You might know the feeling, for me its I feel crap at writing, tell myself I look like shit, that work is too much for me and that nobody cares about what I do. I know when I think rationally that I am more than capable but I can't help the niggling voice in my head. I've recently become better at it though.

I can get terribly overwhelmed with new projects, take for instance running an event and this can effect me mentally. I can have anxiety attacks, be ridiculously nervous and sometimes make wrong decisions. But its time to remember that I am capable. I'm good at what I do and people enjoy what I do. I've found the best relaxant for me is reading or listening to music, obviously this isn't always possible so I always make sure that I take notes or write a plan of what I want to do. Sometimes just explaining that you're nervous to a client or audience can loosen you up a bit and makes you seem more human, everyone gets nervous sometimes.

My point in this post I guess was to remind myself and others that we can do this. Never let the voice in your head stop you from doing what you want!

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