Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Favourite Online Females

Thanks to having a blog I quite expectantly spend a lot of time online, the one thing that inspires me and makes me smile is how many amazing ladies there are in the blogging, youtube and social media communities. As yesterday was International Women's Day, I will be honouring my favourite female content creators, from putting their lives online to educating others today will a massive celebration of fabulous lady folk. This list is in no order other than how I remembered them.

I'm sorry that the above image is so big but it is literally the best way that I could show you how incredible this lady is. Gala Darling is the creator of Radical Self Love and her mission in life is to help others realise how amazing they are. She is a magic making Kiwi adopted by New York and everything she does, from wearing pink Louboutins at her wedding to talking about self love at TEDX, makes me fall in love with her more. By the way her name is legally Gala Darling, she changed it, How cool is that? 

Although these ladies all have fantastically funny Youtube channels respectively I felt I had to put them together because they are even better together. These are three best friends who dont have to prove that women can be funny, they just are. Separately Hannah creates My Drunk Kitchen, Mamrie hosts the hilariously filthy You Deserve a Drink and Grace has recently relaunched herself as It's Grace. They are funny ladies who aren't afraid to say what they think and their friendship is refreshing.

There are a alot of things about sex on the internet (stop it) but nothing is as honest and relaxed as Sex+. Laci makes videos which are funny educational and brutally honest about everything sex related. She is a hugely inspiring sex positive advocate that fights against religious and political based sex views. She's not afraid to give the full picture and won't be stopped by death threats or negativity. She is what sex education sorely needs. Yes that video is about what you think its about.

Bunny Bennett

Bunny is actually one of the most inspiring musicians I know and the only performer on this list and there is more than enough reason for that. As you can see Bunny spends half her life dressed up as a robot as part of the amazing Steampunk band Steam Powered Giraffe, but there is so much more to her. Bunny is currently going through a gender transition and this is why I find her so inspiring, she isnt afraid to share all parts of her journey with the fans and in turn the character she plays in the band Rabbit also went through the transition with her. She is a true advocate for transgender issues and is a beautiful soul.

Louise Pentland

Another youtuber on the list, Louise makes wonderful videos on her channel Sprinkle Of Glitter and blogs too. She is mummy to the gorgeous Darcy and is more like your best friend then a a vlogger. Louise talks honestly about her life as a mummy, struggles with anxiety, her tough childhood and everything else in her life. she has successfully made vlogging her career and she is just a big ray of sunshine!

Kat Williams

This one is a little different to the others, Kat runs the hugely popular alternative wedding blog Rock N Roll Bride and features only the best and unique weddings. but of course her site is more than that, she encourages and feeds the need to make my (eventual) big day as magical as possible and she also gives the best business advice. She has created a business from her blog and in The Green Room she tells us all how she did it, what she wouldn't do again and how to get the most out of your brand. As you can see she is loud and not afraid to be different. She also includes Gala Darling in her very best friends!

Angelina LB 

Angelina is *shock horror* another fantastic lady who isn't afraid to speak her mind, she makes frankly honest and also very educated videos about everything from gender expression to going to the gym but she is also a massive fangirl, which encompasses all of my favourite things (anger and fangirling). She is outspoken and fiesty but also a nerdy little sweetheart deep down which I love.

Becca Goddard, Alice Christina and Gemma Harris

Ok so this last bit is going to focus on my best friends, who all happen to be excellent online creators. Becca writes the lovely blog Polkadot Notebook about everything lifestyle and beauty, Alice is a photographer, maker and blogger all rolled into one and Gemma is a wonderful chicklit author who self publishes all her books on Kindle. All three I met online but became my best friends and I ridiculously proud of everything they do.

Who are your favourite online women?


  1. Aww this is a lovely post and interesting to read about some of these women, as I've not come across many of them before :) I love the self-love manifesto at the beginning! Thanks for sharing. Danielle x

  2. I still love Gala Darling, and after all these years I still check her blog regularly! Apart from Kat, I've not heard of any of the others though, but I'm starting to read blogs again more regularly so I'll be checking the others out soon :)

    (This is Amy, by the way!)

  3. Some great choices here, I will be checking them out.


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