Monday, 30 June 2014

Building A Nest 2- Moving In

Just whittling down my mobile data to tell you all a bit about our new home. Because of personal circumstances we had about 3 days to prepare and pack up everything. My chronic fatigue has took a bashing but it's nothing a few rest days won't fix. Thankfully my parents have been absolute stars with helping us pack, transporting all our junk and then unpacking. The support we've had from them is incredible.

On Saturday Night we met our landlord to sign the contracts and met his lovely wife. Then we got back in our packed up car and came to our new house to drop some boxes off, this was the first time my parents had seen it but they loved it. Then on Sunday we were up bright and early to load everything else into the car and begin our journey.

We are loving having our own place, we've only been in here a day but it is so great to have our own place that is just ours. We haven't unpacked everything or explored the area much, bar the lovely Chillingham road, but I wanted to share a little bit of our house so far.  My favourite area at the minute is my half of the office, which I decorated with fairy lights and cards. I want our house to show our love of books and candles but we also have the geeky and personal touches such as Miguel the cactus and Darth Tater

I hope you enjoyed nosing at my house, and that these posts are interesting to you guys.

PS We don't get our internet until Friday so I will be in and out, thanks Mr Branson

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