Friday, 13 June 2014

Building A Nest- Part 1

I'm so excited to share with you all that in a few weeks, Az and I are moving in together! This is such a big and positive step for us as a couple and I honestly am so overjoyed. Its all gone so fast, last wednesday we began house hunting, on sunday we found the flat online, viewed it on Monday and took it on Tuesday. We will be moving to Newcastle where I study and he will be working, as its also a city we both love and know so well. So whilst we go through all of this I will be documenting it here, for you guys and us. Hopefully I'll have some tips but also so fun along the way.

We will be living in a ground floor flat of an old edwardian house, meaning its very spacious but it also comes fully furnished. My favourite room so far is the kitchen but I cant wait to make all of it our own. I also adore the solid oak furniture which is throughout the house.

We bought most of our things from Asda and Sainsbury's which do great and affordable homeware.
Plates start from 75p in Sainsbury's and you can get wine glasses for £1.50 for 4! In asda we bought a wok pan for £6 and a lovely bedside lamp for just £4. Most of our things are basics but I'm brightening it up with little touches. The one criteria from Az was "nothing too flowery or girly", but he agreed to this monochrome floral bedspread. For the kitchen worktop we have this protector for pans with a classic cutlery pattern. We cook a lot of big meals such a stir fry and rice meals so we had to pick up this massive wok pan from asda as mentioned above.

Everything is so exciting so far, we have of course done the serious things too. But the important thing right now is creating our own happiness


  1. So excited for you chummy! My one piece of advise is photograph EVERYTHING when you move in, especially if its got marks on etc even if it seems ridiculous it'll help with any issues with landlords etc you may have later on.


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