Sunday, 20 July 2014

10 Ways To Be More Creative

I am quite a naturally creative person, but even I have a creativity block sometimes. It's usually when I have little energy or too much work to do (the both are often together) that I lose my creativity. I doodle on everything, write down quotes I love and am constantly writing. I strive on creativity and positivity in my life and try to make every day about both. But in case you're struggling here are some things that might help.

Whatever you want to do, keep doing it! Explore your style, do everything possible, take chances and perfect your art. Search out new experiences that will benefit your art.

Have creative friends
I'm very lucky that I have some of the most creative and imaginative friends there are. My closest friends are writers, bloggers, poets and photographers and I am ridiculously proud of all their work. Having creative friends can inspire you and gives you a great sounding board for feedback and opinions on your work.

Don't worry too much
Not everything you do will be great, not everything will be received well and not all opportunities will come out well. It really doesn't matter. Forget the bad times and keep working, use them as your fuel to become even greater.

Save quotes and inspirations
When you're online and you see something that inspires and motivates you, save it in a folder named "inspire" look at these things when you need motivation. Pinterest boards and tumblr tags are fantastic for this, reblog, heart, pin quotes and pictures that make you feel great.

Keeping a note of great achievements and future plans will help you to not only move forward but also remind you on bad days that your life isn't all crap. It doesn't have to be in the traditional dog eared notebook (unless you want to) many of us keep blogs to showcase our projects and it works!

Learn a new skill
Yes you are focusing on your passion, but what about other things that could benefit you? If you blog you could learn photography skills, artist learn to  use a different medium and for writers maybe you could begin performing and vice versa. Most important don't limit yourself.

Have a creative space
Everyone needs a little space that is just yours. A cubby, window seat or even a full desk. I personally have the latter and I have it decorated with quotes, fairy lights and cute accessories. But other than that its just a place that I have created for myself, which I feel all creative types need.

Feed your inner child
All work and no play makes Homer go crazy. Indulge the 6 year old inside of you, go to a park, eat ice cream, paint with wild abandon. Taking time out for the fun things will only enhance creativity.

Live positively
How can you expect positivity to inspire you if you sit sulking all the time. Believe in yourself and allow yourself to make great decisions. Be around positive people and do the things you love. If something or someone does not benefit you drop it.

Don't stop
Never stop doing that great thing you do. You are good enough and don't let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise. You have got this.

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