Friday, 25 July 2014

House Tour

Its been a few weeks since we moved into our house and we're finally making it a home. Today I wanted to show you all it properly, now that its tidy and ours. I'm not going to show you every single thing in every room, I know you're all nosy but I want to keep some things just for us. 

 Living Room

As the living room in what people see most of our house we wanted it to show our intellectual side as well as my creative side. Our house is littered with books, but it's not even all of our collection! Until we have art on the main wall I improvised with fairy lights and a lovely housewarming card from my dear friend Mungle. The exquisite Great Gatsby print was an absolute steal on Amazon. And for little personal touches we have Miguel the cactus, Rory the roman, myself and my nephew as a baby and our little lion.


As we are both very keen cooks we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I love the tiles, I think they compliment our style perfectly and remind me of my Nana's kitchen when I was little (or scullery as she called it!). In my opinion every kitchen needs a notice board to keep important things and write silly love notes. We don't really eat at the kitchen table, so I brightened it up with my favourite flowers pink carnations and every kitchen table needs a fruit table.


These cute bathroom and toilet plaques were already here when we moved in and I love them too much to replace them. 


My bedroom is just a standard place to sleep, so its nothing exciting. However we had these gorgeous solid oak pieces in when we arrived that I absolutely adore. I am a massive clutter bug but this is quite toned down for me.


The spare room is going to be our office, his side is of course very techy and quite plain (read; boring) but mine is my inspirational place to do my blogging and get HLS off the ground. The wall is my inspire me space with quotes images and a teaspoon from The Pillow Fort. Once again the picture on the side wall was already here, and its quirky enough to stay.

Having never lived with a partner before, it has been wonderful and a learning curve but I am loving living with Az and having a place that is just ours where we can hide from the world and curl up and watch TV in our pants.

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  1. Very cosy :) those toilet plaques are adorable! I want some


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