Sunday, 27 July 2014

I Love Heaton: Chillingham Collectables

Before moving to Heaton, I didn't realise how many wonderful local businesses there were here. There is such a great mix of old, new, food, crafts and family run businesses that its hard not to love living here.

Our new house is just five minutes from the eclectic Chillingham Road, where I now spend most of my days. In the midst of it all you can find Chillingham Collectables, an aladdin's cave of vintage and antique finds. I took Az there today for the first time and we both spent so long looking at all the treasure. From vintage jewellery and clothes to victorian photo albums, old dolls and furniture this shop has it all. And then there's a tea rooms in the back!

The shop looks quite small from the outside but it just keeps going and everywhere I looked I kept finding more wondrous things! I made it to the tearoom and thought that was it but even then there was a hidden room with old games, toys and photo albums in it. Everything in the tearoom is for sale too, I fell in love with a Henry VIII shaped teapot but stole myself away from buying it. I also loved the old photo albums, one had a lovely inscription and the other had late Victorian photographs in. It's safe to say we didn't leave empty handed, I bought Az a vintage typewriter for his birthday which he is absolutely besotted with! 

Thank you so much to the staff at Chillingham Collectables who were very patient and kind to us.

Chillingham Collectables is situated at 225 Chillingham Road and is also on Twitter and Facebook

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