Sunday, 31 August 2014

5 Business Tips I Learned From RuPaul's Drag Race

I love a good Netflix binge, and my favourite of all the shows it has to offer is RuPaul's Drag Race. The show is basically America's Next Top Model but with fabulous drag stars. As much as it's an entertainment show, it has a such a raw real element to it. Although the contestants and RuPaul dress up in drag for a living they are essentially business men with powerful fuel behind them. So why not take some business tips from it?

If at first you don't succeed
Alaska from season 5 applied for every single season and his own boyfriend won a season before he got on the show, did it stop him? No he went back time and time again. And who could forget Shangela? That queen would not give up. If something doesn't work the first time don't stop. Media and technology constantly evolves so one day you'll get it if you grow with it.

Always be the best version of yourself
The judges see the Queens for just a few hours every week, they don't see the preparation and struggles that they face and to be honest they don't care. One of the best business advice I was given is "leave your problems at the door and pick them up on your way out" and its true, nobody cares about your life drama at an event so show them how great you are instead.

You can always learn new skills
On the show, the "girls" are always challenged with things that they don't all have experience in, be it singing, acting or making old straight men into drag queens and to stay in the game they have to make it work for them. In real life we shouldn't be afraid of challenges either, we have the capacity to constantly learn new things and so we should.

Learn from criticism
The queens are judged and critiqued on everything they do, some of them just get bitchy about it but most of them learn from that and improve. If you get well meaning criticism, this is probably coming from a good place by people who only want you to do well. So listen to it and grow from it. If someone you trust says your website is hard to read, edit it. Don't be stubborn and get offended.

Its not the end
So you get a knockback or something doesn't work out, so what?! You can learn from your experiences, grow and jump back up on your feet. Some of the losers of Drag Race have done better than the actual winners and you can do the same! Never give up, if it hasn't worked out how you planned its not the end.

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