Sunday, 21 September 2014

5 FAQs I Get From Business Owners About Blogging

When I go to networking events or take part in networking hours on twitter, business owners don't always understand what I do, or they don't understand how I can class my blog as a business. I often get a lot of blank stares from business people because blogging can confuse companies. With that in mind, today I'm going to be sharing some frequently asked questions and answers that I get from business owners about blogging and blogging for business.

1 What actually IS blogging?
This, what I'm doing right now. Writing articles online, researching things that interest me and sharing that with my followers. There's no way to describe it other than writing and sharing an opinion its that simple.

2 Should I be blogging?
If you think it will benefit your business, if you have an interest in writing and you want to write about things other than promoting your business then yes. If you only want to promote your business or product and don't want to give your customers or potential clients insights or anything new then no. You should only blog if you have the heart for it, not if its to hock your product more.

3 Is it just about fashion?
No, but because there are so many teenagers and young adults blogging about fashion and beauty it can be a common misconception that people only blog about them. You can blog about absolutely everything and anything you want, be it lifestyle, tech or unicorns (seriously we need more blogs about unicorns)

4 How do you make money from blogging?
With great difficulty is the short answer. People assume that blogger make millions but its not true at all, we do make money but not for the first few years. It takes time to build a readership and a reputation for working with brands before they will pay you for advertising and to write about their products. Bloggers usually get paid in freebies for the first few years which is all well and good but a candle can't pay the bills. So don't go quit the day job, literally.

5 Couldn't I just use Tumblr?
You could but it wouldn't be as effective. Blogging is more about articles, writing and actually thinking about what you publish. You can blog on Tumblr but it isn't as reputable and its seen as more of a micro blogging site so people tend to scroll past long blocks of text. If you want to micro blog and only post media and a short amount of text then you can use Tumblr but most bloggers use Wordpress and Blogger.

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