Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Day In My Life

This is something rather different to my usual posting style, I'm going to give you all a big insight into my life. I chose to focus on a Wednesday as it tends to be my busiest day, this is quite a wordy and personal post so please don't give up on me!

7.30am Whilst Az isn't working he has a little bit of a lie in, but I naturally wake up early. So I get up, make a cup of coffee, take three tablets, drink coffee, watch the news and catch up with twitter and my notifications then take five more tablets. Az usually gets up around 9 and we watch the news together.

9am I 'start work' at around 9 every day open work twitter, emails, hootsuite and website. I work from home for a tech start up called Reframed TV managing their social media. I check any replies or interactions on all platforms, message one of my bosses to let them know my plan for the day Recently we've had a lot of publicity of our sentiment analysis of the Scottish Referendum where we correctly predicted the outcome through voters tweets. I schedule tweets for during the day and post new content to the website. On wednesday I start university at 11 so start getting ready about 10, I pack my bag and decide what to wear. Depending on how much sleep I've had or how my body feels I will make more or less of an effort. I nearly always wear makeup to cover up the dark circles under my eyes and I love a bold lipstick. I'll more often than not stick my hair in a bun or pony tail to save me from having to straighten it. I usually wear a simple dress, tights, cardigan and jacket and leave the house. Luckily the bus stop is right outside my house so its not too bad if I'm using my cane, and get the bus to uni which takes about twenty minutes on the way I read, make to do lists and refresh my mind on uni reading.

11am I'm studying PR and Communications at university so our classes are very varied, the two today are Research Theory and Practise. I'm retaking second year so I know the work and the lecturer well. I take some notes and plan work and assignments. I'm really enjoying this module this year because I understand it a lot more second time round, I'm already planning my assignment and feel a lot more well read.

1pm After uni finishes I'll go into town to pick up some shopping and lunch before going home. I check twitter and all other social media replies on the bus home. I also text my Mam just to check in. I go home and tidy up a bit, do the dishes and other things that need doing around the house. At the same time I'm also catching up on TV and starting work. I typically work three hours a day, but that isn't in one lump as social media is so fluid. I get onto youtube and find new content for the Reframed site, tweet and reply to messages, and do research for new potential projects on the site. I'll also chat to my bosses and maybe have a Skype meeting with them. I might also write a blog post for my own site as well as moderating Pretty Sick a chronic illness group on Facebook. I might also run some errands up Chillingham Road or go swimming. I of course also spend some time with Az, we may go to town or binge a TV show whilst eating.

3.30pm I tend to have a nap if I've had a particularly busy day, as my chronic fatigue can tip me over the edge. This of course depends on how my health is and I don't always have time for a nap.

5pm Az wakes me up, I get out of bed and we sit and watch The Chase and Pointless or the news for a bit, we catch up and spend some time together. We make dinner together or take it in turns depending on who has the most energy, dinner is usually something like curry, goulash or pasta, something tasty but quite easy and cheap to make. Living with a Bengali person our food is never low on spice so I'm becoming quite the little cook. I also take part in twitter chats and catch up with friends online whilst we watch tv.

9pm We'll pick a movie to watch and just chill out whilst eating snacks, I catch up with my friends online as I have friends all over the world. At the minute I'm really enjoying just spending time with Az and being close as we didn't have as much time when he worked.

11.30pm I usually don't last much longer once the movie has finished so I end up in bed by 11.30 at the latest, my fatigue is the one thing I wish I could get rid of.

So there you have it, that's my day! This was quite a challenge to write as I don't really think too much about what I do every day and now that I have put some thought into I realise why I'm shattered by 3pm!

Tell me about your day, if you write a Day In My Life post please link me to it

Disclaimer- This is based on a good health day, when I'm fatigued I'm lucky if I can get out of bed. This may not seem like much to a healthy person but it is to me.

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  1. I always love finding out what people do on a day to day basis (I'm nosy!) so I love this post! Your job sounds really interesting and it's nice that you can do it alongside working on your own blog.

    Emma |


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