Monday, 20 October 2014

A Photo Shoot with Gavin Forster


On Friday I met a local photographer and blogger Gavin Forster, someone who'd been chatting with on Twitter for ages but our calendars had never allowed us to meet. We set the world to rites over lemonade in Pink Lane Coffee, giving each other tips about photography and blogging and discussing our crazy lives. I also got to see the beautiful baby Daisy and his wife Lisa, both were charming though the forming was a tad grumpier!

After we went for a walk around town and 'chased' the sun to get some good shots of me. Considering I was wearing an American football shirt, my leather jacket and leggings with minimal make up I can't believe how great Gavin made me look. I posed in full streets, in the doorways of garages and even on the ledge of a car park entrance, the whole experience was exhilarating if not a little dangerous at times. I was made to feel comfortable and none of the photos were forced as a result, which is how photography should be in my opinion.

My favourite shots of the set were the final lot, which were taken outside store fronts under a building. Because of the lighting and position I was in you get this great mysterious feel to them. I can't even explain it but I think it makes me look strange and powerful at the same time! By this point I wasn't feeling nervous at all and because it was so spur of the moment there wasn't a lot of waiting around and setting up. The only variable was the sun which is why we moved around so much.

Please do check out Gavin's commercial work and wedding photography. He is also running a free bloggers photography class in november with spaces still available

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