Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Trip To Tynemouth

Yesterday I made the short journey to Tynemouth in Northumberland. The town is known for its history, seaside location and it's markets, but surprisingly I'd never visited it before this weekend. It really is such a stunning location and although I'd only planned to go to the market in Tynemouth metro station (yes, really!) I couldn't resist going for a wander.

Queen Victoria was dearly beloved in the north east (as she was everywhere) so this statue stands proudly in the town, made the year after she died. There's also this grand monument to the brave men of the village who fought in the war, that's the Boer war from 1899-1902. I love how classic and proud of their heritage the people of Tynemouth are.

The priory on the seafront was plundered by vikings in the 800's and used to fortify the land during the world wars, its steeped in history and I only just managed to stop myself from going to explore and spend hours there. I love british beaches and coastlines, I guess it comes from growing up so near to a beach. Even on a cold windy day I love walking the coast.

I probably should have taken some pictures of the actual market, but I was too busy exploring all the stalls. I did however get this gorgeous wine glass candle from a stall I don't remember the name of an delicious crepe from Monsieur Crepe.

I would massively recommend a trip to Tynemouth to my fellow north east dwellers, its such a nice get away from the city.


  1. So great to read that you've been out and about, sounds like you had a lovely day in Tynemouth, one of my favourite places t=in the North East! I love Tynemouth Market and also recommend Green Ginger which is a collection of independent shops inside an old church,

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    1. Thanks darling, I've really been learning more about photography


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