Monday, 13 October 2014

I Love Heaton: Iris Brickfield Park

I've always adored nature; rivers and parks, autumn leaves and gorgeous spring flowers. So imagine my joy when I learned that there was a park literally over the road to my house. A bit of history for you; Iris Brickfield Park is often said to be named after the wife of the owner of a former brickworks that once populated the site. It is now a community cared for park in the heart of Heaton. On Friday we took some time out from the real world to explore the park, take photos and have fun on the playground.

1. Crunching in leaves 2. Az loved the kids obstacle course 
3. A selfie lying on the tyre swing 4. Lovely little leafy area to sit.

The park is such a great place to explore or sit and read a book, we saw many families and dog owners enjoying it as much as us. I'm so glad that we have something like this so close to us.

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