Monday, 8 December 2014

A Tribute To Stella Young

As many of you know I live with a chronic illness and one of my saving graces has been the amazing community that I have been welcomed into. So I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Stella Young. Stella Young was an amazing disability advocate, activist and very funny to boot. She wasn't afraid to call out inspiration porn and tried to change peoples'  opinions of disabled people or crips as she affectionately called us.
"People get all up in arms when I describe myself as a crip because what they hear is the word 'cripple'... Crip is a word that I find empowering"
Stella was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic illness that courses the bones to break very easily. OI isn't an invisible illness as you can often see the affects but she is still highly regarded in the chronic illness community and she did so much to get our voices heard. She challenged the idea that disabled people were an inspiration because as she said we don't do anything special we just try to live normal lives.

She came onto my radar when she gave her TED talk about 'inspiration porn' and living life as a disabled person. Her talk spoke to me on so many levels and really made me think differently, I too still don't understand when people call me brave and strong but I've come to accept the compliment and use my voice to raise awareness of Chronic Illnesses. I have Stella to thank for empowering me and so many others.

Rest in Peace you fierce babe 


  1. Why is it I find out about awesome people after they have passed. She is amaze and her Ted talk is so good x

  2. oh no - I think this is the lady who was on the BBC Ouch programme recently - I LOVED what she had to say, especially as I am new in a wheelchair and doing my bloody best to keep working and doing all I can. I've had so many people tell me I am brave and an inspiration. I normally respond, well it is that or lie in bed with the duvet over my head eating packets of Boasters. Not brave or inspirational, just trying to keep working here.

    I will have to go and look at the rest of her work.


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