Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Snapshot

This year was the first Christmas where I'd lived away from home, so it was fun but strange to stay as a guest at my family home. I loved spending time with my family and seeing Az have so much fun getting to know everyone. Today I'm sharing my favourite snaps as its currently 6:45am and I can't sleep.

My Granda dresses as Santa every year for Christmas day, despite that fact that we're all grown up now. He IS Santa as far as I'm concerned.

Lucky hasn't seen Az is months so was jumping all over him, look at his little doggy Santa hat!

Christmas morning at my Nana's house involves alcohol and lots of laughs.

I couldn't resist ridiculous snapchats

Alice tied my xmas presents with this gorgeous reindeer, he promptly went on my tree

My cousin trusted us all with her phone, rookie error.

I've decided against sharing my presents this year as there are so many posts like that and I don't want mine to get lost. I'd much rather share my experiences and the day I had.

Unfortunately a few hour after these photos were taken I became ill and had to come back home, it was great being with my family but I felt better sleeping in my own bed.

So what did you do for Christmas?

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