Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Fem-tellectual Is Live!

Yesterday my baby Fem-tellectual launched itself into the world. I am so proud to see mine and many others hard work pay off. I am so proud of myself and am in awe of the high calibre of writers that I have contributing to the site.

Fem-tellectual came from conversations on Twitter about how there are very few websites for both girly and intelligent women and how we would love to both write and read something like this. From that I created the blog and found the best writers from all over the internet to work for me and bring you content from everything to sex education to beauty and business to TV.

I hope you all enjoy reading Fem-tellectual and share.
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  1. Congrats! I'll be following, I'mvery excited to see more content :)


  2. Rach why don't you pop a link on this blog entry? :) x


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