Saturday, 6 December 2014

Gluten Free Dinner at Carluccio's Newcastle

Being a Coeliac it's quite hard to find gluten and wheat free options when eating out, I often cheat which is bad but thankfully wheat doesn't have that bad a reaction any more. Chain restaurants usually have the odd one or two GF options but I never expected a full menu like at Carluccio's.

Just over the road to the Theatre Royal, Carluccio's is a lovely family itallian restaurant. The staff were so friendly and we had some excellent banter with our server. The staff were actually delighted that I ordered from the gluten free menu as I think its a bit of a novelty for them to not have to prepare and serve the usual stuff. They we're also all so knowledgable about the dishes both from the regular and gluten free menu.

Now onto what we ate. For my starter I hade gluten free Bruschetta with tomatoes, peppers, basil and oregano which was delicious and the particular GF bread was the closest tasting I'd ever had to the "Real" thing. Az had the Prosciutto with some great cured ham and a massive ball of mozzarella. My main course was a huge plate of Pasta Luganica, wonderful rice and corn pasta with plenty of chunks of italian sausage. Because they make all the gluten free dishes from scratch I had a ridiculous amount of food, but luckily our lovely server gave me my leftovers in a takeaway box so I got two meals! Az had a huge rump steak, cooked just how he liked it with rosemary potatoes and some delicious sauteed spinach that I just had to steal some of.

I absolutely loved dining at Carluccio's and its definitely the best gluten free menu I've ever tasted. I would recommend it to fellow Coeliacs and anyone who just wants a brilliant dining experience

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