Thursday, 4 December 2014

Things I Love Thursday

As you may know I'm going through a particularly tough time right now, the black cloud just wont shift from over my head and I don't really want to do anything. Thats why its important to remember the good things, to focus on the positives and not get sucked into the the mean reds too much. So here's what I've been loving

♥ What One Size Fits All actually looks like on all body types

♥ I am really loving making my home Christmassy, buying presents for loved ones and writing Christmas cards. Oh and drinking mulled wine!

♥ I have become obsessed with the DC Comics series' of  Arrow and The Flash and *spoiler alert* they're even better together! I can't decide who I love more Felicity Smoak or Barry Allen, maybe both *another spoiler*

♥ I am so proud to finally show you all Fem-tellectual, my online magazine for smart and girly women.

♥ I'm also astounded on a daily basis by my wonderful editorial team, theres even more brilliance to come too!

♥ 100 Years Of Beauty is stunning- sidenote, doesnt the beginning remind you of Are You Being Served? Ask your parents kids.

♥ #Crazybloggers has become my favourite twitter chat, we have so much fun whether it be talking about sex or real lives of youtubers. Its Thursday at 7-8 hosted by @hollycassell and @hellomissjordan

♥ We're finally using our french press and bought delicious coffee from Pumphreys in Grainger Market, it feels like I've earned my morning coffee by brewing it myself.

♥ I've been learning play chess, I might not be any good at it but I'm finding it so interest to learn.

♥ My wonderful mentor and friend Jo has a 10 Day Blog Challenge for you, dare you take it?

♥ I spoke about my depression online, not for attention but in a therapeutic way and I;m overwhelmed with the response from my online friends and people i don't even know that well.

♥ Blog Love 

♥ Az wrote a great post about wearable tech.

♥ Doris tells us why she feels that she Can't Vote- Warning its 2,000 words!

♥ Sammy's Non Traditional Christmas Songs made me laugh.

♥ Sera wrote a truly inspiring post about how dolls are Not Just For Girls. This is parenting done right. 

♥ Big Fashionista writes hilariously about Elf On The Fucking Shelf, as you can tell I'm not a fan either.

Whats made you smile this week?

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  1. I LOVE YOUR MAGAZINE!! Digging all the posts right now!!


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