Saturday, 31 January 2015

Yes Please by Amy Poehler- Fem-tellectual Book Club

It was one of my resolutions to read more and since my wonderful Fem-tellectual contributor Daire created the Fem-tellectual Book Club, I felt even more inspired. Each month we have a theme based around women and the contributors and readers can read one or more book on that theme and report back. Simple as that!

This month's theme is Pretty Funny Ladies and we're to read a book by a comedienne. I had a few in mind but after hearing so many great reviews I had to get Yes Please by Amy Poehler. What's ridiculous is that on the same day as I received the book my new Kindle came in the post.

I absolutely adored this book so this post is basically going to be a giant wank off about how much I love Amy Poehler and Yes Please. 

Amy is just such an endearing person; funny, loving, nurturing and brutally honest and thats what comes across in her book the most. Her love of other people and how much she believes in others shines through. 

Instead of talking about the hardships in her life (getting divorced) she focuses on what made her the great woman she is today, the world of comedy and of course her wonderful friends and family. She is hilarious and empowering on almost every page. 

I love that interspersed in the book she gives great advice on big bright pages such as "like who likes you" and "nothing is anyones business", it feels like she has my back and its just a friend sitting telling me these crazy life stories whilst reminding me that I got this. The book also includes great chapters such as her birth story and encourages you to find out about they day you were born. One which really struck a cord with me was the time she made a really insensitive joke. Amy does not try to cover up for this mistake and talks frankly and honestly about how awful she felt.

With most books I read, I have some form of criticism, but I literally didn't find a single thing I didn't love about Yes Please. Amy acknowledges that she isn't a perfect person and she knows that that is perfectly ok. The whole book is just so inspiring and full of love. She talks warmly about the people who helped her find her big break in Chicago and New York and lovingly of her time at SNL and how much that changed her life. She is thankful and proud of everything she achieved.

I know she'll never read this but I wanted to thank you Amy, for making me smile, laugh and cry. You are a true lady boss and I look up to you so much.

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