Thursday, 12 February 2015

CBT Diaries- Part 1

Just before Christmas my depression got worse, as spoke about here. Knowing that I needed help, I agreed to start CBT (Cognitve Behavioural Therapy). I've had a few therapists over the years and while they helped at the time, I feel like I've talked enough about my problems- I need to change my bad thoughts. So with support of Talking Therapies I started CBT last week.

The first session was very relaxing, my therapist is a lovely woman and started off by telling me that we only have to go into depth about my problems if I want to. That definitely made me feel less anxious as the last thing I wanted to do was cry about my shit again.

It was mainly about my therapist explaining to me how the sessions would go. She spoke about the link between feelings thoughts and actions; so if we think something horrible about ourselves we will begin to feel horrible or incapable meaning that this will effect our actions. For example, if I think I'm stupid, I will feel horrible about myself and that I can't do things and as a result I may let opportunities pass me by. I didn't feel pressurised or rushed to talk about triggering things.

I am so glad my first CBT went well and made me feel better and the therapy experience. I couldn't go this week with me being so ill, but I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment.

Have you tried CBT? How did it go?

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that went well for you. The bravest thing is to seek help, I think :)


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