Saturday, 7 February 2015

5 Tips For Media Interns

Nowadays almost all creative and media jobs require experience that we don't have, y'know cos we spent 3 years on a pointless degree. Sometimes the only way to do this is by getting work experience or an internship (for no or little pay YAY). Having done a few internships I thought I'd tell you about the things I learned along the way

You Are Not Above Making Tea
You’re there to make a positive impression, if you’re asked to make a cup of tea by your boss do it, if you’re not offer. Same goes for cake run, answering phones and entertaining the bosses little darling when they’re in the office. I make a brilliant cup of tea now, definitely went on my CV.

However, You’re Not Below The Real Stuff
If you’re asked to do a big job do it well, don't do it half arsed because they’re not paying you. Use your initiative go above and beyond.

Don't Let Journalists/ PR’s Walk All Over You
On my side of the fence the worst thing was talking to arsey journalists, but I imagine the worst thing for journalists is talking to pushy PR’s. Create positive relationships so you have a contact you can get in touch with at major publications/ PR houses etc. Sometimes they can be just plain rude, but hold your own. Don't I repeat DO NOT call a journalist a rude word (I totally never did that).

Always Be On The Look Out For Opportunities
If you see an intern opportunity on twitter apply for it, ask if there are any opportunities at where you currently intern. If you have a client who are looking for in house or press officer apply. Use your new skills to get further work too such as social media management or photo journalism.

Be Wise With Your Money
You’re not earning so be frugal, don't buy too much coffee on a morning have a packed lunch, buy office wear in sales.

Intern Aware is a campaign to end unpaid internships, you can also legally claim back you pay.


  1. Loved this! I'm hoping to intern too in PR and it's nice to hear others tips and tricks!


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