Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Got A Date With Spring- OOTD

Over the last few days its gotten a lot nicer outside and it feels a lot more like spring. I was even able to go out wearing just a dress and cardigan! I love spring because its not too hot or cold, which my body likes and everything feels fresher and happier. People are more joyful when theres a bit of sun and the world seems a bit more bearable.

When I think of the first days of spring, I'm reminded of a poem I learnt in school about a tree getting ready for spring. It's recently reminded me of the change in blog posts to florals, dresses and pastels as opposed to dark colours and layers. I've posted it below.

A Date With Spring by John Agard

Got a date with spring
Got to look me best.
Of all the trees
I'll be the smartest dressed.

Perfumed breeze
behind me ear.
Pollen accesories
all in place.

Raindrop moisturizer
for me face.
Sunlight tints
to spruce up the hair.

What's the good of being a tree
if you can't flaunt your beauty?

Winter, I was naked
Exposed as can be.
Me wardrobe took off
with the wind.

Life was a frosty slumber.
Now, spring, here I come.
Can't wait to slip in
to me little green number.

Hat- Topshop
Scarf- Primark

(sorry for terrible mirror shot!)
Dress- Birthday present
Cardigan- Primark

Shock horror I wore the same dress two days in a row! On Sunday Az and I took advantage of the sun and went out in our local neighbourhood for some brunch, yesterday we went shopping and then to the John Lewis Brasserie (review coming soon!). Whilst in Topshop, Az convinced me to buy big floppy this hat. I never really wear hats cos I feel insecure wearing them, but I really like how I look in this one. The dress was a birthday present from my Mam, its quite flowy and shapeless so not something I'd usually go for but its great for relaxed days when you still want to look good.


  1. im terrible with outfits i find i end up wearing the same things over again lol x

  2. Cute poem, and I love the hat! Very nice :)

    Kay xx

  3. This doesn't even look like you! I think you suit the hat so I hope to see more pics of you wearing it xx


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