Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Women's Day 2015

In case you somehow didn't know, I am a feminist. Now that I've gotten that shock confession out of the way, on to todays post. International Women's Day is such an incredible day celebrated all over the world and especially on social media. Its a day filled with love and admiration for all the amazing women worldwide who strive for equality.

But still there are those who say we don't need our own day "oh but what about international men's day?!" I hear you cry, the short answer is 19th November (*head desk*) the long is that you are the priveleged already, you don't need one whole day, so let us have just one. If you need more proof here it is:
  • Women in business earn 80p to every pound that men earn. 
  • The pay gap in PR stands at £8,843.
  • There are double the male to female MD's, Directors, Partners or Owners  in PR despite there being nearly double the amount of women as men in the profession.
And thats just in our professional lives, if you factor in FMG, rape and harassment it is clear that we are not equal.

Then there are women who say they aren't feminists, I've got news for you- if you want to be equal to men you're a feminist, its just labels and semantics. I believe that feminism is the right to choose, a woman should be treat the same whether she is a housewife or CEO and regardless or age, biological gender, sexuality and race. You can love men and be a feminist, in fact a lot feminists I know are in very loving relationships with incredibly supportive men.  

And finally to men, feminism isn't exclusively for women, you can support us without feeling emasculated too. But don't try to invade or space, make us part of yours. Break down the boys clubs and call your friends on their sexist jokes. Share your views and become a true ally, instead of #notallmen-ing about twitter.

I want to wish you all a very happy Women's Day, here's to a day when we don't have to raise awareness for women's equality!

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PS definitely check out this brilliant video by The Mandeville Sisters


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