Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Book of Mum*

With Mother's Day being around the corner those lovely people at The Book of Everyone have created The Book of Mum. Using just a name and date of birth of a loved one you can create a stunning gift full of facts, pretty artwork and a lot of personal touches. I was kindly given the chance to make one for my mother, or Mam being from the north east!

Family- My Mam won't see this until Mothers Day so keep it a secret please, I know where you all live!

I love how seamlessly blended the stats and sentimental things are, despite them being so different. The actual book is fifty pages long, but I also got a digital copy to keep too, which would be great to put on a tablet or kindle. 

I really hope my Mam likes this, how far do you think she'll get through before she cries?

The Book of Mum is available from £7.50- £49.50 and available exclusively from The Book of Everyone

The Book of Everyone are also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

*This product was kindly gifted to me for review, views are still my own.

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