Monday, 13 April 2015

Heaton Perk- I love Heaton

It's hard to believe I've lived in Heaton for over 9 months and hadn't visited Heaton Perk until Friday! A bit of a local legend, Heaton Perk is a cafe just down the street to Heaton Park (get it?!). And believe me, no one told me life was gonna be this way (sorry), I never expected such a quaint cafe from hearing the name

Heaton Perk is such a lovely little local cafe, there were flowers on every table, shelves full of books, mismatched tables and chairs and even board games to play. I got such a great sense of community being in the cafe, which is one of my favourite things about Heaton. I went with my little chummy and Heaton tour guide, Alice and amongst a much needed catch up and bitchfest we had some delicious eats.

The food on offer was absolutely fantastic; for main meals there were paninis and bagels, I had a cheese ham and lettuce bagel and alice had a swiss new yorker which looked delicious. We resisted the cake, there was such huge selection too, even gluten free dark chocolate! I love that they had retro sweeties, we both had a sherbet dip dab and I had a drumstick lolly, I also had a Fentimens dandelon and burdock. On the counter there was hand made chai- Chai Aye Pet! Which I had to get for home, we also had delicious coffee from Pumpheries, an amazing local coffee emporium.

I adored Heaton Perk and will definitely be visiting again. They are also on Twitter

Sidenote- I'm finally getting to grips with our dslr camera so loved having lots to snap, does anyone have any tips for me? I'm much more used to a phone camera.

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  1. Regarding tips for your DSLR, get in lightroom or post processing in Photoshop it makes a huge amount of difference


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