Saturday, 11 April 2015

MAC Lipstick- The Confidence Mask

As you saw in my last post, I struggle with anxiety and a lot of the time it comes to a head when I have to leave the house alone or do mentally challenging things, such as uni. Through CBT I've been able to pick out things that I can do every day as coping mechanisms, and one of them is wearing MAC Lipstick. I think a big part of the advertising around MAC is promoting confidence in the wearer and that the products make us feel strong and beautiful. To me, kick ass humans wear MAC, and if I can take some of that confidence and badassery by painting my lips with my favourite lipstick then I'll take what I can get!

Russian Red

Ruby Woo

I started out, like a lot do, with Russian Red. I got it when I first started getting in to blogging and beauty and it was my staple go to lipstick for so long. Then I realised that it was completely too dark for me on a daily basis! It gave me such confidence, especially the Wonder Woman version (yes I owned both, even though they were the same) and made me feel so comfortable and sexy in my own skin. The next I tried was Ruby Woo, which I love but its just so dry. It was gloriously pink and still red, but it was still missing something. Ruby Woo became my go to every day lipstick but I always needed lipbalm with it, why is it so dry?! 

So Chaud


My all time favourite has to be So Chaud, its a gorgeous coral colour which I'm obsessed with. I've seen lately some bloggers changing their makeup shades with the change in season, but I've worn So Chaud all winter and intend to keep wearing it through spring. I've been known to slick it on in the house when I've been feeling crappy too as its just so bright and cheery! My latest MAC purchase is 5-Alarm, it's different to all the others in this post as it has a "lustre finish" (meaning its more sheer and shiny to those of us who aren't up on all the beauty lingo). Its so sleek and very easy to slick on if I'm on a bus or running to class and feeling a bit nervous. Because its so light I can also wear it when I'm not wearing a lot of makeup everywhere else. At the minute 5-Alarm is constantly in my handbag and makes me feel instantly better about myself.

It's funny to think that something so materialistic and perpetuated by media stereotypes can make me feel so good, but it does and I'm glad for something that can calm me down and make me feel great about myself. And I think in a world where women are taught to hate their bodies and not celebrate what makes them feel good, we should shout about what makes us feel good from the roof tops and wear them with pride.

What gives you instant confidence? Be it a pair of sexy heels or your old joggers I want to know!


  1. Wearing a lipstick makes all the difference too me, I feel so much more glam, even if it's a subtle shade. you can't go wrong with MAC either!



  2. Winged eyeliner and a gorgeous lipstick always make me feel better and more confident. Love MAC lipstick and I need Ruby Woo in my life.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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