Monday, 6 April 2015

The Naked Deli- I Love Heaton

Thanks to a brilliant treat on Friday I'm bringing back my I Love Heaton series, celebrating everything great about where I live. Ever since I moved to Heaton 9 months ago, I have been meaning to try The Naked Deli on Chillingham Road.

 The healthy eatery is a great alternative to the fast food that litters the student area, everything is organic and as lean as possible and its something we all need in our diet a bit more I think. The cafe is like a beautiful garden kitchen, with plants everywhere, tiles and lots of wood. Its a cafe, restaurant and takeaway all rolled into one. The staff are down to earth and friendly and the menu, well that speaks for itself. 

I decided to treat myself Friday on the way home from a big shop, so ladened down with 3 very heavy carrier bags I blustered in to The Naked Deli. The cafe was so busy (at around 2pm) but the staff took it all in their stride and didn't look the least bit flustered. I was confused and unsure of the menu, as to be honest after so much shopping stress I really craved carbs and sugar, but the staff were patient and made great recommendations- even when I forgot the word cappuccino. I left very happily with a chicken salad Naked box, and trundled on home a bit happier despite how heavy my shopping was! I devoured my lunch once I got in with the rich cappuccino, and it was delicious! Leafy green salad, sumptuous chicken and a divine sauce to bring it all together made the perfect Good Friday treat.

Images 1 and 4 are from my terrible phone camera, 2 and 3 are from The Naked Deli's Facebook

The Naked Deli is at 231 Chillingham Road, Heaton and also on Twitter


  1. You're making me feel hungry, haha! xo

  2. You're actually making me so hungry reading this. The food sounds delicious. Nothing better than a tasty meal after a big shop :) x

    Thanks for giving me your link over on tonights twitter chat :)
    Caitriona | Blog

  3. I love this place! Their meatballs are amazing!

  4. Your lunch looks gorgeous and wonderfully healthy. We never usually go to Heaton but the lovely Mandy Charlton introduced us to Heaton Park recently so we will return and I'll be sure to check here out x

  5. It was so nice! There are so many great places you should try more places!

  6. One of my daughters has her harp lesson in Heaton and as we come all the way from Durham it is a bit of a hike. Since we discovered the Naked Deli (only 9 years later ...!) the hike has been less of a stress as we combine it whenever possible with a trip to the Naked Deli :)


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