Friday, 24 April 2015

Why Game of Thrones- "Spoilers" or Triggers?

tw- rape, sexual violence, abuse

One of the top shows in the world comes back on TV today- Game of Thrones. I love the show, and agree that it is one of the best shows out there at the minute but with the show comes the inevitable every time its spoken about.



For something that has a book series and premieres in america the day before, it sure has a lot of vigilant fans who are scared of having the episode spoiled for them. I for one don't mind them as I get triggered very easily by things such as sexual violence and abuse and because of the Spoiler Police, I often don't find out about these things until I'm watching the show. The horrific sex in the last season when rebels from Castle Black took over somewhere had me crying and shaking for hours. The same with things Joffrey did to the prostitutes. But nobody mentioned them before because OMG STOP SPOILING THE SHOW FOR EVERYONE.

Now I know these things are called trigger warnings, not spoiler warnings, but in warnings before shows they only say the trigger not what it is, which isn't enough for me to be honest. And in a show as fucked up as Game of Thrones; with themes such as incest, violence, slavery and sexual violence being integral parts of the show, I don't think it's spoiling the show by telling us that someone is going to get violently raped or shot with a fucking crossbow whilst having sex.

It of course doesn't just apply to Game of Thrones,but I feel that GoT fans get especially anal about it. I've heard that saying "this weeks ep is so good!" is a spoiler for gods sake! I get it if it's a big part of the plot, such as someone dying, I get pissed off when important things are ruined. But if its going to protect others I'm all for "spoilers", I'd rather myself and others didn't have flashbacks or spent hours crying just so people don't have a show "spoiled" for them.

So please, think before you berate someone for giving away a spoiler. It could help another.


  1. Ah honey - Is it worth watching if it's going to upset you? :-(

    I've never seen any spoilers anywhere and didn't start watching it until last year. If people are really bothered they should just stay off social media until they watch it!

    I do like your idea of a trigger warning though - maybe shows could have a QR code or something in the titles that take you to a site featuring potential triggers? Although actually probably not ideal as not everyone will have a reader. Maybe just a link to a website or something would work? xxx

    1. That's actually a great idea! I love the show but every so often it upsets me


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