Wednesday, 27 May 2015

4 Unexpected Lessons From #TDC15

Has it really been a week already?! Thinking Digital, whilst being very educational, was also so much fun! I was rather nervous to be attending but it was in no way as serious and straight laced as I thought it would be. 

Once again thanks to Paul Lancaster at Sage for making me part of the Sage One Street Team.

So today, here are some things I didn't expect to learn at #TDC15.

1) Childbirth is great for data collection
Steve Mould used an app to collect data when his wife was in labour and could predict when his baby was going to be born. Great fun for daddy but if Az does that when I'm in labour one day I'll kill him!

2) Lionel Richie and metal is the best mashup ever.
One that I was devastated to miss was LJ Rich who did live mash ups, and was the real break out of the conference. Her heavy metal Lionel Richie song was incredible.

3) Everything is better with lasers.
Seb Lee-Delisle proved that with fireworks. space invaders and even Flappy Bird (or should I say Clappy Bird).

4) All presentations should start with the 20th Century Fox theme tune.
Russell Davies started his presentation by standing on stage whilst he played the full song. It really set the tone and made what could have been quite an intense presentation a lot lighter.

I do have a couple more little TDC posts planned, what are you guys thinking so far?

Images from the TDC Facebook page


  1. Haha, I love the idea of starting a presentation with the 20th Century Fox theme, it is a great intro!

  2. oh really interesting , if only we could all predict when baby will come along, i know we are given a edd but its never 100%

  3. Sounds like such an inspiring event - I hope I can go next year! x


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