Friday, 22 May 2015

#TDC15 Day 1 Snapshot

I had such a great time at day one of the Thinking Digital Conference, and apparently I worked too hard as I completely crashed on Thursday. I missed my most anticipated talks, but I managed to catch up on the live stream ran by my old bosses at Reframed. Whilst there I didn't take many photos, but here are my shaky phone camera ones and a few I've nicked from the TDC Facebook page (2, 7, 10, 11) . There will be more detailed posts, but I just wanted to get something out there despite my monumental crash. 

Nifty little homemade business cards, might be cheap but did the job! 

Sage Gateshead is one of my favourite places in the North East, I love attending events here and will never tire of this view!

I loved the set for the conference, lots of reclaimed wood and big flashy lights.

Our host Herb Kim was such great fun, such a lovely guy. 

For the second session, Rebecca (one of my fellow street teamers) and I moved to the 'Live Lounge' where the live stream was hosted by Reframed TV. And there was beanbags!

Holly Goodier gave an excellent talk on how the audience and media consumption is changing. It pleased my little PR Girl heart.

Lunch time! I was so pleasantly surprised with my superfood salad, the cleaners probably weren't impressed with how much rice we spilled on the floor though. 

One company had a competition to win a bean bag chair by tweeting your beanbag selfie, but because of the dark lighting in the "live lounge" this is what I ended up with. I did not win a bean bag chair.

Steve Mould used data collection to prove when his child was going to be born and completely scientifically proved that she is the best baby ever.

The hilarious Seb Lee Delisle showed us how he combined art with tech and LASERS. He also got us all to play an interactive game of Clappy Bird with Lasers. Which was so funny, but knacked our hands!

I loved attending TDC15 for the first day, expect more posts soon! You can also check out all the streams and the hashtag.

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  1. Looks like such an inspiring day Rachel - bet your brain was fit to burst with ideas/info by the end of the conference. Fab to see things like this happening in the NE. Thanks for linking to #lovenortheast x


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