Thursday, 25 June 2015

Things I Love Thursday- June

Happy Thursday lovely humans, well it's that time again! Time to share some incredible things I've discovered and experienced this month.

♥ Ruby Rose speaks so eloquently about gender fluidity, above is also the short film she made when she came out as Gender Fluid last year which I implore you all to watch. (Note- please don't use Ace Bandages for binding, they are very dangerous)

♥ This Forbes piece on How To Build Fan Loyalty Like Rupaul is incredible

♥ I'm sure by now you've all seen Just Do It by Shia LaBeouf but there's now a chrome extension! Trust me it's great for the mid afternoon slump.

♥ Google News Lab is a very exciting new platform for the future of media.

♥ The Daily Show absolutely NAILED the Rachel Dolezal cluster fuck

♥ Fiona's post on the affect of perfect bloggers really resonated with me.

♥ I loved this post by Catstello on Rhian's blog asking Why Aren't You A Feminist? 

♥ In The Frow speaks so much truth on the skinny body stigma

♥ I met some amazing babes from the Newcastle Fierce Babe Network last week and I'm now the proud owner of this incredible bag.

♥ I'm an aunty! My niece Ella was born a week overdue on Saturday and I am absolutely besotted by her.

♥ If you're feeling overwhelmed by cast reunions and reactions you have to read this Friends one (warning its not what you were expecting!)

♥ Cheeky plug time- I'm so excited for a new series on Fem-tellectual, Protect Yourself is all about contraception, education and opinions.

What have you been loving this month?

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