Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Hogwarts Story Tag

I am a massive Harry Potter fan, so I was delighted when Florence tagged me in the "My Hogwarts Story Tag". Please indulge me as I get to imagine what my life at the best school ever would've been like.

Are you Pure Blood, Half Blood or Muggle Born?
I always thought my parents were Muggles and they never went to Hogwarts, but come to think of it strange things happened when my Mam got mad...

Which wand chose you? (what is it made of?)
Pear wood with a Unicorn feather core, both are a sign of a very good witch or wizard.

Did you take an Owl, Cat, Toad or Rat with you?
I had an Owl, I don't get on well with cats, toads are slimy and I didn't want to secretly harbour a criminal.

Where did the sorting hat place you?
Ravenclaw,  naturally.

What house did you want to be in?
Ravenclaw of course! I love to learn but I'm not a glory seeker like certain houses.

Which lessons are your favourite and least favourite?
I like charms as it's very intricate and fun. I wasn't very good at defence against the dark arts, maybe if a teacher had stuck around for more than a year at a time I wouldve been more interested.

The form your Patronus takes is...
A boxer dog like my grandparents had when I was little, simpler times.

When confronted with a Boggart, what does it look like to you?
Someone I love being hurt or ill, I don't have any physical phobias but that's pretty horrible

Do you partake in any school sports or magical hobbies?
I'm not interested in sports but I am on the school paper, well it's a blog now! (too far?)

If you have free time, where would you be hanging out?
If it's nice weather, outside- have you seen the grounds? Or just with friends somewhere quiet.

You are most likely to get a detention for what?
Talking too much, I hated classes when we had to work in silence.

What career do you want after leaving Hogwarts?
I'd like to do press for the ministry, proper press none of that propaganda shit.

So now I tag


  1. Rachy baby, I am so excited to do this tag! Can you imagine what Hogwarts would've been like with you, me, Bloomster and Beca there? Outstanding.

    Rhi xo


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