Wednesday, 1 July 2015

On Going Viral and EL James

On Monday something glorious happened on Twitter, the PR team behind EL James thought it'd be great to do a Q&A. I honestly don't know what possessed them to do it but they somehow didn't foresee that this would end in hundreds of tweets either a) pointing out the abuse in her "literature" b) take the absolute piss or c) both, which is exactly what happened.

I have always been very opinionated about 50 Shades; the abuse it promotes and how it makes women think its ok to be treat this way. So of course I couldn't pass up on this opportunity, I tweeted a lot of well thought out questions that I knew would never be answered but wanted to make an impression like all the other incredible folks posting on the #AskELJames tag.

So what was the one that got the most shares and ended up on new sites such as Buzzfeed, Mashable, and even ITV News?

I cant believe after 6 years of blogging, writing and equality activism, people know me for tweeting about twilight porn! Its been a strange few days, my friends posting to my Facebook like I'm a weird celebrity and the sheer amount of retweets and favourites have had me laughing out loud.

My point is though, with tweets like mine we acknowledged the problem with 50 Shades but also made it humorous. Like its funny to take the piss out of someone thinking its ok to create such bile and spread it around as romance. And I wish that the news outlets had focused on the genuine tweets that called James out completely without having to use humour to become popular.

We did a great thing during the horrendous Q&A, but her ignoring all questions and websites only focusing on the humour does the hundreds of abuse survivors and activists a disservice. So please guys, if you want to get a broad view of what went down read the actual tag not just what news sites are selecting.

PS my girls at Fem-tellectual and Damzel In This Dress have written great pieces about how harmful 50 Shades is. There's also the 50 Shades Is Abuse campaign.

PPS I know I'm not famous, its Twitter. Please don't hate on me.


  1. Omg, you go girl!! The 50 shades trilogy is absolutely vile and I don't know how some women continue to support it!!!


  2. I saw your tweet on Buzzfeed and I got so excited haha, I completely agree with you that 50 Shades of Grey portrays abuse but presents it as being acceptable. Have you ever read Jenny Trout's recaps of 50 Shades? She makes some excellent points: xx



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