Friday, 24 July 2015

Udi's Gluten Free UK- The Nicest Brand ever?

As you may've seen, I wasn't in the best of spirit's last week- this post explains why. I reached out for friends and support on twitter during a particularly dark moment and was overwhelmed by the support. I wasn't doing this for attention, more so that I didn't give in to my brain's horrible thoughts, but the response totally caught me by surprise. In particular the actions of a brand that I've worked with only once in the past.

Udi's Gluten Free UK are a wonderful maker of tasty, wheat free food that actually tastes good! As a coeliac of over 12 years, I grew sick of crumbly bread and flour hat never quite stuck together but Udi's is completely different. Last Thursday they completely surpassed my expectations though. As I said I wasn't expecting attention and I certainly wasn't doing it for free stuff, so I couldn't believe it when minutes after my cry for help a message popped in my Twitter inbox from Udi's offering to send me a hamper to make me feel better and cheer me up!

I arrived home on Monday night to the loveliest package waiting for me crammed with treats. In it was chocolate chip bagels, sundried tomato bagels, honey granola, cheese and garlic bagel chips and chocolate cake mix. I've already devoured the bagel chips (with help from my boyfriend, who loves them despite not being gf) and lathered a choc chip bagel in Nutella for my dinner the other day, I'll not so slowly be working my way through the rest.

Thank you so much to Udi's UK for making my day, you are truly the loveliest brand on Twitter and make such delicious food. Check out their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for lots of great content.


  1. Their bagels are the best. I get cravings for their everything bagels from time to time.

  2. THIS IS SOOOOO NICE OF THEM! I love Udis, and this definitely makes me love them more!

    Aisling | aisybee.


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