Sunday, 2 August 2015

4 Lessons From The Pinterest UK Workshop

On Thursday I attended a Pinterest UK Workshop as part of the Pinterest Tour. The Pinterest UK team are aiming to teach bloggers more about the site, what they can get out of it and how best to optimise it for their blog. I love Pinterest, its great for wedding and home planning but I hadn't used it for much else so was eager to learn more. And today I'm going to share what I learnt with you all.

1) Pinterest is not a social network
 It's not like Twitter or Facebook where you measure success through friends and can comment on things, pins are more important than follower numbers.
 Don't hashtag your posts, it doesn't work and you can actually click on hashtags in posts.
 In the same vein comments are pretty useless and for some reason if you do it too much your account will be suspended.

2) Bloggers should fully utilise Pinterest
 Make sure that you have a business account so that you can fully check analytics and use the many tools.
 Get the Pin It button for your blog so that readers can directly pin images from your posts.
 Verify your site and enable the Rich Pins function; but make sure you pick wisely as you can only use one category, I'd recommend articles or products for bloggers).
 If you're going to use Pinterest for a competition you have to be very vague about it and can't explicitly say "pin to win" as you would with Instagram etc. Just because this skews search results and it isn't fair.

3) Curate your boards properly 
 I know that fun board names might seem cute to you, but they make it really difficult to find particular boards. If you name a board L O V E you could only find it by searching L as it breaks down each word as a search term.
 Its best to break down boards as well so that it's easier to find things, so instead of just food a food- desserts board is better than having to scroll 300 pins. It might seem excessive to have 14 wedding boards but it makes things easier to find.
 Shuffle your boards regularly and update different boards according to what's popular (Remember people usually search a month or two before a set event)

4) Make your pins attractive
 Make your descriptions actually descriptive so they'll come up in searches. "blue wedding dress for alternative brides" is more searchable than "love this!"
 Although they might not fit with your blog, horizontal images are best for pinterest- you can always hide these from your blog so that they only show when you pin images using the Chrome Extension
 Pins with text on top are really popular, as are list pins as they provide that extra something more to pinners.

Thank you so much to Lizzie from Pinterest UK for giving the workshop and the lovely goodies. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest and if you want, you can pin any of my images straight there now!

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  1. I don't really use Pinterest to publicize my blog, more to find ideas for future blog posts or simply pin pretty stuff that I can't afford at the moment. This was really helpful, though. If I ever decide to use it as more than just an online scrapbook, I know what to do. :)
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land. | Pinterest

  2. Thank you so much for this! Over the past month I've joined Pinterest and am still trying to figure out the best way to use it. This was super helpful! x

    xx Anne / Annesmiles


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