Monday, 31 August 2015

5 Bank Holiday Monday Reads

Happy Bank Holiday to my UK readers! Since the sun has neglected us a bit, I'm going to share some of my favourite blog posts of the past week or so for you all to enjoy. So grab a cuppa and just chill out.

Chapter and Circle- Stargazing

My girl Rhian went to Hadrian's wall to experience the Perseid meteor shower, and wrote this beautiful post. Its got stars, mythology and history, everything you need to ease you in to the week.

Little Fickle- Top Youtube Searches

I'm very nosy. so seeing what other people search for on YouTube really interests me. Sammy has quite funny top searches including my old favourite "Does this thing really work?!", that will definitely give you more time wasting activities.

Feeding Boys- 7 Simple After School Suppers

Whether you need dinner ideas for the kids after school, yourself and your partner after work or just some hearty food for the end of a long day, Katie has put together this great list of filling and delicious meals. I want to try every single one!

Those Moments of Serendipity- Questions for Myself at 30

Another of my babes, Beca, has wrote this touching but funny letter full of questions to her future self. Its got me thinking about what I want to have achieved my 30, god its only 4 years away!

Amanda Bootes- 11 Pinterest-Worthy Quotes to Live Your Life By

I love a good inspirational quote, and fter having a crap few weeks this post has cheered me right up and given ,me the motivation I need to kick this week off.

What are you reading this bank holiday? Have a great one whatever you do.

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