Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A Trip to Blyth Seaside- Northumberland

On Monday and Tuesday I stayed at Beca's house in Blyth with our other girl gang members Rhian and Laura. Before we all went back to our little parts of the North east again we had to visit Blyth Beach for photos and laughs. 

It might've been a windy, cloudy day; but we still had so much fun seeing the brightly coloured beach huts, getting sand in our toes and taking silly selfies. I miss living near the beach, despite finding sand in my makeup hours later! I don't really know a lot about Blythe, but I really hope to visit again soon, (hopefully when it's less windy) as I'd love to find out more about the towns involvement in WW2 and go to the army visitors centre on the seafront. 

Maybe next time we can rent out a beach hut for even more bloggery photos!

Have you been to Blythe? What other places on the Northumberland coast should I visit with my girl gang?


  1. Blyth is just up the road from us and a favourite place to visit after school when the sun is shining. You can't beat fish n chips and ice cream by the seaside! The kids love the park too. We hired a beach hut for the diamond jubilee and decorated it all/had a tea party. It was fab - less than £20 for the whole day too x

  2. I love all the beaches up on that stretch of the Northumberland coast I've visited, but have yet to make it to Blyth! Sounds like a lovely spot.

  3. I have one of those huts booked for next week, keep your fingers crossed for sunshine for me :)

  4. I ve never been to Blyth but it looks lovely and i love this picture of you. thanks for linking up to #LoveNorthEast


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