Tuesday, 18 August 2015

BLK Coffee Heaton

I've mentioned more than once on here how much I love my local area of Heaton, in Newcastle. The best part is I'm less that 5 minutes walk from Chillingham Road, a huge street full of little shops such as Rosa Rossa, cafes like Naked Deli, continental and lebanese supermarkets and lots of great local businesses. And the latest addition to Chilli Road (as the locals call it) is BLK Coffee.

BLK Coffee is a lovely little coffee shop on the corner of Chillingham Road and Simonside Terrace that serves fresh coffee and delicious cakes. I visited on opening day and couldn't resist getting a cinnamon bun after seeing them on Twitter all morning. The cafe itself is minimalistic and has a very modern feel to it whilst being friendly thanks to lovely local girl and owner Allison.

All the food in the store looks absolutely delicious and there's such a wide range of coffee and teas available. There's certainly a lot of coffee to chose from with Five Elephant from Germany, Round Hill Roastery from Bath and Workshop Coffee Co in London. All cakes come from Beat Boutique and there are also a range of sandwiches too. 

BLK are having a launch party on 22nd August from 6.30-9.00, RSVP to alison.bell@blkcoffee.co.uk with your preference of beer or wine

BLK Coffee is at 214 Chillingham Road, you can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


  1. Looks lovely - Heaton really is a lovely place to live - I love all the little independent shops xx

  2. How much is it to attend the launch party? I was at Chillingham Road yesterday trying cafe one twenty, absolutely great :)

  3. such fab prices and it all looks lovely theres so much on offer on Chillingham Road thanks for linking up with #LoveNorthEast


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