Tuesday, 25 August 2015

So You're Moving to Newcastle For University? 10 Things You Should Know

With A Level results being revealed last week, everyone should now know what uni they're going to, and for the lucky few, you'll be moving to my fair city of Newcastle! This post isn't the most serious but I think it's things you need to know.

1) Wetherspoons is cheaper than both the university bars and there's 4 just in the city centre.

2) You will feel like a traitor walking around the other campus, but you dont need to hate the other university. In fact you'll probably end up with friends from both universities.

3) The metro will never be on time, however you can get from central Newcastle to the coast in 30 minutes so it's worth it.

4) The Greggs near central and on Grainger Street are open til 4am on a Saturday, you're welcome.

5) Bread buns are called "stotties" up here. Nobody will understand you if you ask for a bap or your word for it.

6) The city is famous for its nightlife but there's also great theatres, beautiful old buildings and delicious restaurants. 

7) There's also fantastic things to do during the day. A trip to the quayside is a must, look at that view! Plus, we have a castle.

8) Even though you're not from here you may grow an irrational hatred for the rival team, Sunderland. Being a Mackem myself I can assure you that it's not that bad!

9) Trebles are ridiculously cheap, but you don't have to drink them alllll.

10) Friends have told me to recommend Parmos, but personally I think you have to be very inebriated to eat chicken wrapped in cheese.

I hope you love going to uni up here as much as I did and that. no matter how silly, this post helped! If you live up here, do you have any more top tips? 

ps I'm hoping to do a cumulative post of other university towns, if you have any tips you think students should know about your town get in touch. 


  1. As soon as the course reading list is announced, run to the library as fast as you can before someone nabs all the best books :-)

  2. I love number 7, never knew greggs stayed open until 4am!!! ANd as for Parmo's bleurgh I also have no idea why anyone would eat one thanks for linking up with #lovenortheast


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