Saturday, 15 August 2015

Summer Hates My Body- Health Update

I just wanted to give you all a little health update, since it's been a while. Well summer is here, and while my arthritis has hibernated, the big bad Lupus wolf has come out to play. I know that everyone is celebrating summer but for spoonies whose illnesses are triggered by heat and sun it can be a nightmare. For me going out in anything over 15c for an extended period is a no go, even with a bottle of water, suncream and a big hat. I've fainted a couple of times but no serious injuries yet. My Lupus rash isn't as prominent and I think my cell count is doing quite well, so I'm feeling a lot safer this summer than the past 9!

Touch wood my depression is doing ok, I still have terrible days where I do nothing but cry and struggle with anxiety but on the whole it's better. Fluxotine has really stablised my mood and it was almost worth going through the horrible transition period. My priority now is finding something to occupy my mind while I'm home alone all day so that the awful thoughts don't creep in.

Because of the weather all my other illnesses are pretty much triggered, my hips and ankles are sore most of the time and I need to use my came more when I get out and about, but I'm a lot more confident with it now. Not going to lie, my hips make me cry out in pain sometimes and this really increases my fatigue and anxiety, but I just need to take it one step at a time and rest when I need to.

I hope all my spoonie pals out there are doing ok, remember to drink plenty of water and that its ok to rest and listen to your body.

Summer is a toughy but its ok, it only lasts for two weeks in Britain!

The first part was written 06/08/15 when I was on a blog roll, this bit was added 15/08/15 when things weren't so good.

As usual I went and bloody jinxed myself by talking about how ok my health was didn't I?! On Monday I became very ill with dizziness and a temperature, my womb/ ovary area was very sore and tender. My GP is treating it as a pelvic infection caused by the Mirena contraceptive coil, I'm on very strong antibiotics and we were hoping it would get better, but by thursday (14th) I was in unbearable pain and got admitted to hospital for scans. I have a cyst on my right ovary but theres nothing to be done so far. I'm very heavily medicated on codeine and things but I'm ok. Thank you to everyone for their well wishes and to those who looked after when I was ill.


  1. Summer only lasts 2 weeks - lololololol! I hope the shit days are fewer than the good days. Spoonie hugs. xxx

  2. Yes my lupus also hates the summer....and the winter....and pretty much spring an autumn too! Great post and sending gentle hugs xxxx

  3. I am sorry that Summer makes you feel like that :( I know that the heat stops me sleeping which makes my anxiety worse and then my fibromyalgia follows suit, but I seem to have been ok the last couple of weeks ... although I have probably just jinxed myself by saying this! Hope you feel better soon! All the spoonie hugs


  4. Awwww sad to hear you are poorly. You are right and summer is only here for two weeks. keeping reading them blogs to keep you occupied and drink lots of tea too... that most definitely helps x


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