Friday, 4 September 2015

4 Podcast Recommendations

Since I finally got a phone that works, I have rediscovered my love of podcasts. So today I'm sharing the podcasts I've been loving recently.

Welcome to Nightvale
Possibly one of the weirdest and surrealist podcasts out there, WTN takes you to the idyllic desert town of Nightvale- where you are banned from the dog park and the mysterious council suppresses everything. Nightvale makes the mundane ridiculous with sports reports on a team doing badly, but only because the captain lost his second head.

If you love Rupaul and Drag Race as much as me, then this Podcast is for you. With the help of her squirrel friend Michelle Visage, Ru talks frankly about all aspects of life and drag with her usual humour and honesty. There are also great guest stars such as Kristen Johnson talking about Lupus and Colleen Ballinger brining along her pal Miranda Sings. And of course various RPDR alumni drop in to share the tee.  

The History Chicks
I'm a big history nerd; and as women in history are so often brushed under the carpet, I think this is the perfect podcast for history lovers. From the well known Marie Anionette to Tudor Grandmothers and even women in fiction such as The Wizard of Oz, this is educational whilst being funny and full of little known facts. 

We've began waking up on a morning with The Globalist on Monocle 24 as our alarm, but at that time of the morning you don't really pay attention. This show puts together all the great interviews from the week on Monocle in an easy hour long show. It's really good for learning things you wouldn't normally on the mainstream news outlets. 

I would love your podcast suggestions, leave them below or tweet me if you have any recommendations.

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  1. Monocle is cool! I've downloaded Welcome to Night Vale but never sat down and properly listened to it - I highly recommend Freakonomics (literally my #1 ever and I shove it into everyone's faces when they ask for recommendations haha) :)

    Cherie / sinonym


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