Tuesday, 22 September 2015


The Crown Prosecution Service has launched the #ConsentIs campaign to educate people on consent and safe sex. It is to clear those "blurred lines" and make sure everyone knows that without consent, sex becomes rape. So here is clearly what consent is and isn't.

Consent is...

 A clear enthusiastic yes- If someone is unsure, don't push them.
 Given freely without fear or harassment.
 The right to stop at any time.
 A conscious decision- You can't give consent if you're passed out
 Discussed no matter what the act- even in a BDSM relationship there should always be consent
 Feeling safe in the situation
 Yours to give

Consent is NOT...
Wearing a revealing dress/ short skirt/ low cut top.
∅ Flirting with someone
∅ Drinking too much- if you've drank too much you cannot give clear consent
∅ A life long thing- if you say yes once, it doesn't mean you can't say no the next time.
∅ The absence of "No"- just because you haven't said no, doesn't mean you said yes.

If you still need help understanding it, here's consent explained through tea

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  1. It's such a big thing, I can't understand how people can't understand consent xxx


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