Thursday, 17 September 2015

On Sex Education In Schools

There’s been a lot in the news recently about sex education in schools, mainly how wrong it is to be teaching it. Apparently its wrong to teach kids about sex and even more of a problem to give out condoms to teenagers in an NHS facility.

The mentality is that if you teach kids about sex they will want to do it and if you give kids condoms they’ll want to do it. Here’s the thing, teenagers are going to have sex anyway. Make it taboo and they’ll think its cooler. Taking away education and protection and you’ll just make it unsafer for kids.

The sex education in my school years was little to none existent. The first was at aged 10 when we were sat in front of that weird video that started in an 80s nightclub then BAM diagrams, followed by my 50 year old male teacher trying to answer questions without blushing. I didn’t get any more sex education in school until aged 15 when my head of house put a condom on a model and pinged it into the front row, by that point 3 girls in my year were already pregnant. That was 10 years ago and I honestly don’t think its changed that much.

Kids aren’t stupid, “if we give kids condoms they’ll have sex” is in the same vein as the new plans to make all cigarette packaging the same because kids only buy them because of the pretty packaging? Have you seen cigarette packaging? Those mouth ulcers and cancer images are not pretty and teens mostly buy cigs one at a time at lunchtime anyway. Kids aren’t that stupid guys.

What’s important is teaching kids the right things about sex; consent, not being pressured into it and that virginity is just a myth. Teach them the right things about it without policing bodies and pushing abstinence agendas. Instead of telling kids not to do it, teach them about protection and that you should never be forced into sex or force anyone into it. Our sex education is also highly heteronormative, which can only scare kids battling with their sexuality even more. Condoms and education aren’t the problem; telling kids what to do is.

There’s nothing wrong with trained professionals teaching kids real sex education, truth is not all kids can go to their parents with their questions about sex and relationships and stuffy teachers aren’t trained academically or mentally to deal with it. Lets stop treating teenagers like precious little flowers who shouldn’t grow up too soon and give them the tools to make effective decisions about their own bodies.

For an example of good sex education check out Ontario

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  1. EXACTLY! Tell them not to do it and they'll want to do it more. The taboo needs to be lifted, it's sex, everyone does it, it's not an embarrassing thing and the safe way should be the most highlighted aspect.
    The world is going crazy if they think that the lack of sex education will prevent kids having sex.

    Sarah <3


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