Saturday, 5 September 2015

Ways You Can Help Syrian Refugees & #SaveSyriasChildren

The problem in Syria and the refugees in Europe has gotten too serious for us to ignore, despite what our government think. The number of refugees fleeing from Syria registered with the UNHCR is almost 4.1 million but there's expected to be a hell of a lot more. When people are risking their lives because their lives at home are worse than that, how can we still be ignoring them and not helping these people. How can we classify people who have no choice as "migrants" just 75 years after the atrocities that "stateless jews" suffered?

You will have no doubt seen the news this week showing that horrific image of a child washed up on Turkey's shores. Many hoped this would be a wake up call to our and other governments, but how many children will die before these people are saved?

Bloggers today are standing together to raise awareness, by posting the above photos and asking their readers to donate £5 or what they can to Save the Children.

TEXT 70008 and the word SYRIA to donate £5 or visit Save The Children

Save The Children’s terms and conditions

We will also be sharing the images with the hashtag #SaveSyriasChildren across all social media

There are other things you can do to help too:

-Help Calais have a wishlist of things that you can buy for those still waiting to find a home. The truck will leave on the 17th of September so you guys have until then.

- Download #helpiscoming for just 71p, with all proceeds going to Save The Children (See my interview with Pete Paphides here)

-Sign and share The Independent's petition to welcome refugees.

[If you have a campaign or movement or know of ways to help that you would like included please get in touch]

I understand that times are hard for money, but please don't turn a blind eye. Do something to help. Anything. Whatever you decide, don't choose apathy.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do/give.

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  1. Rachel, I'm so glad you're sharing this info and ways to help because there is so little coverage of this in the US.


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